Monday, June 3, 2013

Season of Newness

What is calling you to newness this season?

The tree out my window, barren a month ago, is now rich with new green leaves. So many seeds buried for the winter are sprouting, and the songs of birds announce hatchlings.

Recently I responded to a call to dream and plan with a group that is taking a long look at our stewardship of the land at Sinsinawa, the Mound.  On Memorial Day, Mark Shepard came as a resource person to the group.  His vision of permaculture agriculture helps me to see that care of people, concern for fair distribution of resources and care of earth is one rich piece.  We hope to visit his farm, New Forest Farm, Viola, Wisconsin this summer. (see to see how permaculture might apply to the Mound.

The call that I experienced in my youth, to give my life to care for others, and to search for and teach truth  has come together in a new way. We, Sinsinawa sisters, stated our vision and mission for 2011-2016 this way-- "We commit ourselves in partnership with others to seek and foster right relationships among all of God's people and with the earth that sustains us." The adventure of sisterhood to which God calls me continues to bring new growth.

Joan Duerst, OP
Monona, Wisconsin

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