Thursday, July 11, 2013

At the Heart of Ministry Is Relationship

A few days ago one of our sisters died. Her name was Victoire Beausoleil. Some sisters had known her as their second-grade teacher. I came to know her in the later years of her life. I was then a candidate for the congregation and she was living at our mother-house. Her welcome was an inspiration and source of encouragement to me.

And it was not only Victoire. I remember Consuelo Fissler  - with whom I had a special bond as we shared the same birthday –and so many others whose names I have forgotten. They lived their commitment as joyful, contemplative women of the Gospel as they built relationship with the newer members.

This year, as I go back once more, several of my friends will no longer be there. And yet there will be others. Our congregation is alive. Sisters, who were out on mission before, are now at the Mound and Villa. As we renew our relationships, we drink deep of the energy that flows in us and through us. We know that ‘at the heart of ministry is relationship’.

Want to join us?

Christina Araujo, OP

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