Monday, July 15, 2013

Living in the Cell of Your Heart

How well do you know yourself? What helps you go deeper into the mystery of your true Self? As a spiritual guide I am often exploring questions like this with the people with whom I meet and most especially with myself.

In the past I thought that focusing on myself was perhaps too self-centered. Over the years however I realized it is essential to know myself. Catherine of Siena, a  14th century Dominican, steeped in contemplation and action, stresses that the journey towards God was also a journey into herself. The place within “she called the interior cell or the cell of the heart where she understood experientially and most fully God’s boundless love for her and all humanity. (Mary O’Driscoll, OP)

This journey to know yourself is a life-long journey.  There are many opportunities that can help you go deeper into the mystery of your true Self. Daily contemplative prayer, faith-sharing groups, spiritual guidance, and retreats are some of the ways. If you don’t have the financial resources for spiritual guidance and retreats inquire about scholarship funds that are available.

You have one precious life.   How are you nurturing this gift?

~Mary Therese Johnson, OP

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