Monday, July 1, 2013

Point and Counterpoint

With two part-time ministries, teaching employment skills and offering job counseling and support to people on the margins and in crisis, my life is enriched and challenged. Other commitments such as on-going study, professional development, Congregation and community matters, family and friends, and more also get my attention.

Life, like music, consists of many contrasting “voices” and relationships of melodic lines, modulations, dissonance, changing rhythms, etc. Most of the time, things in my life flow easily and harmonic chords are the result. Sometimes rhythms and melodies compete. In musical terms, that is defined as counterpoint. Commitments and relationships often “compete” for my attention and energy, with days occasionally turning into weeks of counterpoint.

As Sinsinawa Dominicans, we make a vow of obedience and ‘strive to have one heart and one soul in God, bearing witness to the gospel we preach and teach.’ To better listen and serve, in a world of point and counterpoint, we set aside retreat time - extended periods of time for prayer and contemplation. I have just scheduled some needed retreat time for myself. What a gift!

How are you setting aside time to be with God and respond to the competing voices and rhythms of your life?

Tanya Williams, OP
St. Louis Park, MN

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