Monday, August 19, 2013

Another Year Begins at the CDN

This weekend our novice, Sr. Kathy Flynn, joined 4 other novices to begin 10 months of their canonical novitiate at the Collaborative Dominican Novitiate (CDN). Each year a new group of novices comes together to create its own unique experience of community with fresh spirit, abundant gifts, and eagerness to grow in the Dominican tradition.  This group has already begun!

The CDN provides a quality experience of Dominican community life, prayer, study, ministry, exposure to and practice of preaching skills, and personal growth for the novices of the member groups. The process of this collaborative experience is intended to: offer a rich novitiate experience, encourage a supportive peer group, share the giftedness and resources of the congregations involved, and promote the charism of the Order. 

Like any new beginning this one requires a leap of faith for this is no ordinary year.  It’s a transformational time of opening oneself and learning about God, herself, religious life and Dominican life. 

And so I invite you to pray with me for this year’s novices, Kathy, Katy, Christina, Bea and Anne. May they be open to God working in and through them.

Mary Ann Nelson, OP
Madison, WI

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  1. Five wonderful women on a new stage of their journey--may the months ahead be blessed, full of surprises (only good ones), and a rich deepening of Dominican values and sisterhood among them. Our prayers are with you, Kathy, Katy, Christina, Bea, and Anne. with love, Mary


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