Labor Day 2013

Happy Labor Day!  No matter how old I get the Labor Day weekend always reminds me of new beginnings; the start of a new school year after the more relaxed atmosphere of summer.  As a child getting ready for the school year I always went shopping with my Aunt Marie for a new pair of school shoes and then stocked up on all the required school supplies.  Everything felt new and fresh.  No matter the failures or misfortunes of the previous school year, September offered a chance for a new beginning.

God offers us this same opportunity.  No matter our screw-ups, our poor choices, we always have the opportunity to begin again.  Jesus gives us the opportunity to drink deeply of the Living Water of the Holy Spirit.  This grace helps us to discern how our personal gifts can be used to build the reign of God in our fragile world.  Two of my good friends have left home this summer to answer the call to religious life.  To what is God calling you?  Are you open to the work of the Spirit in your life?

Georgia Acker, OP 
Bowling Green, KY


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