Psalm 34

In my ministry, retreat ‘season’ begins in September.  For this year’s weekend retreats – for the Morning Prayer that I lead I’m using Psalm 34.  Well most of it.

It actually begins with this tribute:  “Of David, when he pretended to be mad before Abimelek so that he drove him out and he went on his way.”  Jewish scripture scholar, Robert Alter, translates it as:  “…when he altered his good sense…”

While many of the Psalms may note (King) David in some way – this reference makes my smile.  How clever he seems.  How deceptive.  Then wonder – how would anyone know the real “David?”

It is dangerous to alter your good sense.  You could get caught, of course.  But a life-time of not being your true self is harmful mostly to your one wild and beautiful life.

In my life, I need not only an annual time of retreat and an ongoing relationship with a Spiritual Director I also need daily time of quiet meditation and reflection.  Stopping, even in the midst of a busy schedule, to be mindful that I am living in the abundant grace of a loving and compassionate God is essential for me.

What are the essentials for your life – for your true self to thrive?

Roberta A. Popara, O.P.
North Palm Beach , Florida


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