Spirit of September

I saw rolling waves of youthful faces above a sea of Wisconsin red t-shirts, last week as I drove near UW campus.  It was the freshman class of 2017 coming to the Chancellor's Convocation for New Students. There was undiluted energy in their steps, but also concentrated security in their walking with one another.   I wonder what was in their thoughts.

A new beginning? like Georgia wrote about in her last blog. Changing the world?  Will they come to ask the question that Tanya asked in her blog, "How do we continue to fight the systemic nature of oppression and injustice?"

The sisters and associates that I meet with in circle, and in antiracism caucus groups each month are also  creative waves of life and energy. We come together no longer needing the security of youth but enjoying the strength and challenge that comes from being sisters.  When we come together, we often challenge one another to fight systemic injustice.  There is sharing about action and also about struggle with systems of oppression.

Both waves of creativity, students and sisters, are alive with God's Spirit.  Spirit of God where would you have me be?  With whom will I share your creativity this season?

Joan Duerst, OP
Monona, WI


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