Perpetual Profession - This Is What I Choose

As I contemplate my perpetual profession of vows I am savoring some of the words and phrases in the profession ritual, like "to the honor of the Almighty God", "even unto death," "the mercy of God and yours," "Yes, this is what I choose," "poverty," "chastity," "obedience," "vow yourself to God and to live in this Sinsinawa Dominican Congregation," "constitution," and "trusting in God's faithfulness."

Wow! How awesome this is!  How impossible to live this out by human standards!   I am so grateful for the promises implied in the words of profession.  

As I vow myself to God, implicit there is the assurance that I am not alone.  God will be my strength, my comfort, my consolation, my joy and my Love, even unto death.  Am I not asking for God's mercy? 

As I place my hands in the hands of my prioress and vow to live this out in the Sinsinawa Dominican Congregation, implicit there is the promise of mutual support, love and companionship even unto death of and for all my Sinsinawa Sisters.  Am I not also asking her/them for mercy? 

Such knowledge fills me with deep joy and peace as I move forward to December 7th when in the presence of my family, friends and Sinsinawa sisters  I will make perpetual vows to God and continue to live this out in the Sinsinawa Dominican Congregation.  What a happy choice! 

What about your commitment to God fills you with deep joy and peace? 

Gail Jagroop, OP
St. Joseph, Trinidad


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