The Gift of Gratitude

In the US, November causes us to notice “thanksgiving.”  If we are reflective, we notice it is not only about one day and special meals with family and friends.

This month I have “noticed” several spirituality sites focusing on gratitude as well as friends posting their own thoughts or quotes of others on facebook.

Dominican mystic of the 13th century, Meister Eckhart, says:  “If the only prayer we ever say is:  Thank you – it is enough!” 

Among my noticings this month is that Thanksgiving Day and the beginning of Hanukkah are the same date.  I am thinking a lot about my interfaith connections and especially those of the Jewish tradition with whom I have worked to bring understanding, friendship and dialogue among many faith traditions.  I am grateful for these friends and colleagues.

Among the quotes I have read on facebook was one that went something like this:  “Gratitude brings joy to the heart…”  I find this to be a truth to be lived out.

I am grateful for:  my Dominican vocation, my Dominican Sisters, the global Order of Preachers, family & friends, my interfaith relationships, God’s nurturing grace…oh, the list is long...and I am grateful that it is as well.

For whom and for what are you grateful.  How will you live this out?

Sr. Roberta Popara, O.P.

North Palm Beach  FL


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