Even Unto Death

Last Saturday, the Dominicans Sisters of Sinsinawa and the people of Trinidad and Tobago celebrated the perpetual profession of our Sister, Gail Jagroop, in Curepe, Trinidad. It was a wonderful celebration of Gail's YES to God and to her sisters “even unto death!” 

Celebrating Gail's final profession, was also a time of re-commitment for me, and, I suspect, others of our sisters as well.  I both pondered my first YES made many years ago and my desire to continue to make this choice today.  This life to which God has called me has been a great life for me.  My life has been full and meaningful.  I’ve been able to join with others in helping to build a holy and just society and church doing a variety of ministries and  in so many places.  Life in this community has both challenged and supported me in becoming the person God created me to be.

Our sister, Kaye Ashe, says it so well:
The search –
for self,
for wisdom,
for love,
for truth,
for justice,
for God –
is strenuous and unending.
We need good companions
in order to persevere in it.
In good company,
in a community of conviction,
the quest never loses its relevance,
its urgency,
or its savor.

And so with enthusiasm I reaffirmed my YES, as Gail proclaimed hers.

To what have you been called to say yes? 

Mary Ann Nelson, OP
Madison, WI


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