Peanuts, Pretzels and a God Thing

A few weeks ago I boarded a plane and couldn’t help but overhear the two women in my row reminiscing about the Catholic sisters who had taught them in grade school.  “You just don’t see many sisters anymore,” commented one of the women.

I don’t normally strike up personal conversations with strangers, but being a young sister-in-formation heading to a gathering of young sisters, I would’ve been remiss if I didn’t chime in. J  I introduced myself, and what followed was one of the most unexpected, honest, and engaging conversations I’ve ever had with a stranger.

As my formerly-Catholic-now-Evangelical seatmate and I talked it became clear that we came from different places ideologically, but we asked honest questions and listened to each other’s answers.  Her warm, open, and respectful manner drew me out and encouraged me to take the risk of this conversation, and so we had a real dialogue, right there over airplane pretzels and ginger ale. 

When we landed, she asked if she could pray for me, and I gratefully said I’d do the same for her.  Praying for her reminds me that ours is a God of Surprises.

Where or in whom might God surprise you today?

Christin Tomy, Candidate

Jacksonville, FL


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