Becoming the Beloved Community

At the Mound with 40 others involved in the Sinsinawa mission is where I spent this past weekend.  We invested 21 hours processing our role in working for racial justice.  Crossroads Antiracism trainers facilitated.

“What in your spirituality leads you to this work?”  was one assignment.  I wrote in my journal—Holy Spirit, Source of Goodness and Life you bring us together to co-create with you.

You created us to be HOLY and JUST as you are.

Instead humans have sought to be God-like by putting themselves over others
                        Out maneuvering
                        Even killing other humans in order to be on top.

            And so evil has entered your universe

                        Jesus teaches
                        Oppose evil
                        Do Good
                        Create the “Beloved Community” (thanks to MLK for naming this.)

We need the grace, vision and voice of many to bring God’s Kingdom here.
You have called each to participate in building the holy and just community.

What are you calling Dominicans to be in this time? Who are you calling to pray, to learn and to act with us? What are we to do now to form the Beloved Community?

I am home now, tired from the intensity of the weekend. Nevertheless ready to work.

Are you being called to join us in the struggle?

Joan Duerst OP

Monona WI


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