Diversity in Community

Here we are, January in the rear-view mirror and a snowy white February staring through the windshield.  I’m feeling pretty fortunate to be in St. Louis right now ~ it’s amazing how different the weather is only 5-6 hours south of the Mound.

Living and learning in community has been one major focus of my time in the novitiate.  While I truly love my diverse new family, I often think about my biological family and my family - my sisters and brothers - at home at the Mound.
Having just passed the Vietnamese Lunar New Year, my thoughts have especially been with two very special young women ~ Srs. Lien Do and Vong Nguyen ~ who took up temporary residence at the Mound in the fall of 2012. How I admire and respect Lien and Vong and the courage they have displayed in leaving their homeland behind for a significant period of time!  They carry themselves with such grace while living Gospel values with a joy that is infectious.  They have taught me much in their time here.  Thank you and Happy New Year, my sisters!

I’m grateful that Lien and Vong are a part of my life; I’m grateful for my novitiate community; I’m so grateful to be part of such a diverse sisterhood.  My life has been enriched in ways I’d never dreamed since saying ‘yes’ to exploring this call. 

God calls us in many ways, laying down many different paths before us.  However you think God might be calling you, be open.  Explore.  Discern.  You won’t regret it!    

Sr. Kathy Flynn, Novice

St. Louis, MO


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