Everyday Inspiration

I’ve been feeling particularly uninspired lately.

It’s not that life has been overly difficult, nor has it been lacking; it’s just been… well, normal.  But I could use some inspiration in a few areas of my life: I’d like to be more creative at work, I’m preparing for some transitions… not to mention I had a blog post to write.

So about two weeks ago, I began actively looking for inspiration.  I’m not sure I found it, but I did begin to notice things.  Things I otherwise would have missed, like the flowers blooming at the side of our house.  A sunset.  A stranger’s hearty laugh in the grocery store.

My actions and attitudes changed, too, however slightly.  I went for an extra evening walk.  I spent a few quiet minutes with a friend before rushing off to my next task.  I reflected on my day and named a few things I was grateful for before falling asleep at night.

I realized that maybe, in its own way, my lack of inspiration was a gift.  Maybe I needed to remember to look.  To notice.  To appreciate.

Maybe I need to be uninspired more often!

Christin Tomy, Candidate, Jacksonville, FL


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