Thursday, February 13, 2014

Downsizing: Letting Go of "Stuff"

I’m planning to move!  And for the first time in my life that means “downsizing.”  I ask myself, when, or why did it come to this?

Over the years I’ve helped others move into smaller spaces, but never myself (unless you count when I became a Dominican!).  Over the years, though, I also accumulated “stuff.”  Some of it is related to whatever ministry I had at the time – books and papers, primarily – and for some reason I’ve had a hard time letting go of it all.  Now is the time, though.  So in the next few months I will need to remember, and to let go.

Remembering takes me back to those places where I’ve been and to those things I was concerned about.  I was younger then and had what seemed to be an endless lifetime ahead of me.  I never even thought about getting older or not being involved in ministry. 

Letting go, on the other hand, means that I need to remember that I am no longer the person I once was.  I need to let go of my younger self so that I can be the mentor that others expect of me.

Once again I need to ask: when, or why did it come to this?
A question for you is: Can you imagine yourself being, like me, at the other end of your life?

Ruth Poochigian, O.P.

Madison WI


  1. Thanks for writing this, Sr. Ruth. Our lives do seem to become cluttered with lots of "stuff" as we age. You've reminded me that it's important to take inventory of it all every now and again and let go of much of it to become a healthier person living in the present and looking toward the future.

  2. I love this reflection, Ruth! What a great reminder that letting go does not mean forgetting! Maybe you should write a book to memorialize all of those wonderful places and people who are so much part of your life! In your "spare" time, that is...
    : ) ~ Kathy


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