Holy Longing, Holy Waiting

In his book, The Holy Longing, Ron Rohlheiser leads his reader to a deeper understanding of spirituality in the context of the daily struggles we experience … with faith, with the Church, with our own understanding of our place in the world, with our deep longing for right relationship with God, and with our need to initiate, to act. 
            In her book, When the Heart Waits, Sue Monk Kidd leads her reader on a journey to a spot where we can nestle – to an understanding of waiting as a holy, sacred action.
            Lately, I’ve been feeling like the child of a marriage between these two books.  While I’m trying to be fully present to my life as a 1st year novice, I’m also longing to be in the world, to act, to help in whatever meager way I can.  A longing to dive in headlong, bellowing like Tarzan! There is so much need…
            And yet I can also sense, in a very palpable way, the fruits of contemplation, of listening, of waiting as God speaks to and works in me.  Kidd relates a time when a monk described waiting as “allowing your soul to grow up.”  Waiting is a holy act. 
            It seems I am caught in the very Dominican cycle of contemplation and action, of waiting and longing.....and there's no place I'd rather be!  Lent has always been a time of holy longing for me.  This year, I’m making it a time of holy waiting, too… a time of presence to this very moment, which is God. 

            For what do you long, how will you wait, with whom will you wait, this Lenten season?

Sr. Kathy Flynn
St. Louis  MO


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