Surviving Winter: Thoughts from the Frozen North...

Well, Minnesota isn't that far north but this winter seemed like the North Pole and it isn't over yet!  These past  three months here have been unending snowstorms, ice and arctic temperatures.  Needless to say, winter has become oppressive!  So, how to "survive" winter or deal with the strain it creates in our lives is a powerful question for many of us.

I was lucky-my family invited me to Arizona for a week. The highlight of my trip included hiking in Sabino Canyon in Tucson, one of the most unique and beautiful desert canyons.  My sense of the Sacred came alive as I viewed the rugged, mountainous landscape, the desert trees and flowers in the canyon valleys.  I experienced  how nature connects me to the Divine deeply within and restores my sense of wholeness.

Finding ways to restore our energy and spirit regardless of where we live, weather conditions and other life stressors is essential in our lives. 

Where do you go and what do you do to re-energize your "spirit"?  What places help you reconnect with the Sacred?  How important is color,  warmth and beauty to  you in winter?

Elaine LaCanne, OP    Richfield, MN


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