Going to the Desert

One of the many blessings of my novitiate year has been the opportunity to attend various lectures at Aquinas Institute.  One series, which ended last week was titled “Backpacking With the Saints”, presented by Belden Lane, a recently retired professor of Theology at St. Louis University.  A couple of weeks ago, he “took us to the desert” with Martin Luther.  The desert is the place where I must go, literally or figuratively, to shed all that is truly unimportant or inconsequential in my life; to shed my false self, in order to reveal my true self, the person God created me to be. 
            This Lent, I’m trying to ‘shed’, rather than ‘give up’.  For me, shedding involves removing something unwanted - hopefully permanently - whereas ‘giving up’ seems more temporary, for some reason.  And in the shedding, I’m creating space where I can accept more of God’s grace, more love.  The more I am able to shed, the more I am able to accept, and the more I am able to give..
            I pray that your Lenten journey is filled with good companions, many blessings and a fruitful trip to the desert.

Sister Kathy Flynn

St. Louis  MO


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