Looking Back

Last weekend I had an unexpected experience.  I spent the afternoon with a teacher whom I had known in high school – and I found myself looking back at those years though they were just yesterday. Memory is a tricky thing.  I have photos from those years that make me “think” I am that age again. There were lots of young people on the university campus wherever we went, though, so they were a reminder for me of how much older I am! 

I find it interesting that the choices and decisions young people have today have such big price tags attached to them.  Even the decision to go to college means that many young people will begin their post-graduation years with a LOT of debt!!  Yet it is the experience is that makes it so important.

In that way my teacher and I were not so different from the university students we saw all around us.  I ended up going to the same college she went to, but even then our experiences were different.  Remembering those years and giving thanks for them was a useful exercise.

How do you remember?
What makes you give thanks?

Ruth Poochigian, O.P.

Madison WI


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