A New Year of Life

Celebrating a birthday or as I like to call it- a new year of life, always puts me in a reflective mode.  It makes me look at the years gone by and see how I have grown or maybe not grown in the ways I would like to.   A few weeks ago I almost got into a serious car accident.  I have heard people speak about having your whole life flash in front of you.  I don’t think my whole life flashed in front of me, but I do know that that experience made me more grateful and thankful for my life.

My life is a precious gift from God and what I do with my one life is my gift to God.  After my near tragic experience some people may say that there was probably a logical and scientific explanation to why I am safe today.  Today I say that it was a miracle. Whatever we chose to call this mysterious awesome being is irrelevant; I know I was kept safe from harm on that day.  To make matters even more interesting after my near collision the song that came on the radio was, “My God is Awesome.”  Who am I to disagree with that!

Lystra Long, OP 
New Grant, Trinidad


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