The Tenacity of a Weed

Okay, I admit it: I have a secret soft spot for weeds.  I’m not talking about the armies of weeds that wreak havoc on your garden; I’ve waged war on plenty of those.  But whenever I see a lonely little weed poking up through a sliver-thin crack in the pavement, I can’t help but cheer for it.

I think it’s because it saw an opportunity where no one else did.  Other plants wouldn’t dream of taking root in such an inhospitable place, where even if they do manage to grow, they’re likely to get pulled or sprayed with weed killer.  But this little weed… well, not even pesky humans with all their concrete and chemicals could get in its way.  It sunk its roots deep and grew up boldly to the sunlight. 

I’d like to be more like that little weed.  So my prayer today is not that God would make me strong and majestic like the trees or lovely like the flowers.  No, I just pray that God would take me, in all my weakness, amid all the obstacles of life, and give me the scrappy tenacity of a weed.

Christin Tomy, Candidate


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