Waking Up!

Like many of us, I look forward to my morning cup of coffee! This morning, I wondered how often we consider the people who grow our coffee. I am on a committee our Congregation created years ago called the Alternative Investment Committee. It's sole purpose is to make loans to nonprofit organizations that help low-income women and families around the world.

Small Farmers in Latin America these past two years have suffered great losses due to torrential rains that have destroyed their coffee trees. The loans from Root Capital make it possible for local co-ops to provide training and loans, helping small farmers buy new trees and seeds as they learn how to diversify and not  depend on their coffee crop to survive. Many of these farmers are seeing their income rise thanks to the International markets now available to them via the co-ops and the variety of local produce and animals they can sell locally. 

This morning, I am thinking about these farmers as I enjoy my morning coffee and grateful for the help we and Root Capital provide that is making a difference for these farmers. How do you make a difference? Can you support an organization that is making a difference?

Sister Elaine LaCanne, OP


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