"God - I love You!"

St Francis of Assisi is often quoted as saying: "Preach always, when necessary use words."  In this blog entry, my adaptation is this: "Preach always and use as few words as is necessary."

In recent weeks one of the elder Passionists, among whom I ministry in their retreat center, has been dying.  In fact Fid (as we called him-short for Fidelis) died this week that I am writing this blog.

In his latter days one of his community brothers, going to his room to check on him, over heard him praying: "God ~ I love You!"  When I heard the story I was so moved that it has stayed with me through the days of his wake & funeral.

When I sent my Friday tweet I quoted him and then came this inspiration: Perfect #Preaching.

In these simple four words, Fid prayed and preached perfectly.  What a grace it was that one of his brothers heard it and has shared it.  These words became the final words of the funeral homily.  They are traveling to many places - now to you.

While you never knew Fid - how have these words touched you?  When have you heard a preaching that felt "perfect?"

Roberta A. Popara, O.P.
North Palm Beach, FL


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