Home in God

I was going to write about how I think turtles relate to our experience of home with God.  But before I began, I received news that our beloved Brother Gilbert had died on the Feast of the Visitation – one of my favorites.  Gilbert lived and ministered at the Mound where he seemed to be everywhere, doing everything.  In the short time I knew him, Gilbert made me laugh and he made me think.  He made my world a better, brighter place.  I was glad to be part of his family.

It’s funny but at Mass that evening, I’d been thinking about and praying for Gilbert and had decided that I’d call him when I got home, but never got the chance. 

Gilbert is home with God now.  Then again, Gilbert was always at home with God.  (Here’s where the turtle comes in.)  Like the turtle, we carry our true home with us wherever we go.  We are in God and God is in us.  We’re never alone.  We always have a companion for the journey.  God is still companioning Brother Gilbert, as is his Dominican family who loved him so well.

Rest in peace now, Brother.  Rest in the peace and comfort of your true home with our loving and merciful God.

Sr. Kathy Flynn
St. Louis, MO


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