It Was a Grand Weekend

Moving is considered one of the most stressful experiences.  No one moves without a good reason because it is so much work.  Like everyone else sisters move.  Why?  We move for many reasons: a change of ministry, a desire to downsize and simplify life, a desire for community and, because we mostly are renters, an increase in rent or a change in ownership of the property.

I live with one other sister and we moved from a rental house to an apartment complex on the other side of town where other of our Dominicans of Sinsinawa live.  So, we moved because we wanted to downsize and so that we could be part of the community that has formed there in the past year!

Moving was a community event.  Sisters and an associate carried and unpacked boxes, put together furniture, fixed food, hosted slumber parties and laughed a lot all weekend.  See accompanying photo for proof!!  Moving can be a harrowing experience, but sharing it with them made it fun!  That’s just one of the things about community!

Of what experiences of community does this story remind you?

Mary Ann Nelson, O.P.

Madison WI


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