Musings on Jubilee

I have lived as  a Sinsinawa Dominican for 50 years and am celebrating this with the Congregation, family and friends in one week. I have been unpacking the meaning of "Jubilee" in my life these past months and I have found one of Rilke's Poems relevant.  The first three lines are:
                  I live my life in widening circles
                  that reach out across the world.
                  I may not complete this last one
                  but I give myself to it.   
                                 Rilke's Book of Hours, Love Poems to God.

The "widening circles" is an apt metaphor for the way life has evolved and has stretched me beyond Earth to the whole of the Sacred Universe. I am studying what it means to live my life in these wider circles that include everyone and every being on this planet.  At this time in my life, I long for the wisdom and courage to live life with evolutionary eyes, to see the ways I can help heal Earth by living more simply, making choices more intentionally, believing that we are all ONE family.  I do not know yet what shape this "widening circle" will look like in my life. Like Rilke, "I give myself to it."

What are you giving yourself to today?  Do your widening circles reach out across the world?

Elaine LaCanne, OP

Richfield, MN


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