Grounded in God

I am still unpacking the rich, deep, inclusive, multi-cultural, inter-generational experience of our recently concluded community days.  Like Kathy in the previous blog, I felt overwhelmed at times.  Planning for our future, as necessary as it is in our journey together as a congregation, move me way out of my comfort zone! 

What held it together for me though, was our grounding it all in an atmosphere of prayer.  The diversity of music, instruments, voices, art forms, and cultures employed to do this, and the way it was interspersed with silence, gave me moments throughout our days to return to the center, tap into Holy Wisdom deep within and offer the fruits of my contemplation to my table conversations.  

I left exhausted, yes, but so grateful for who we are together, and what we are about as Sinsinawa Dominicans.  

Amidst challenging moments, what grounds you? Com

Gail Jagroop, OP

St. Joseph, Trinidad


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