Change as Inevitable

We say that the one constant in life is change.  We may not be sure of many things, but one thing that we can be absolutely sure of is change.  In religious life we like to call this transition.  I think it has a nicer ring to it.  However, it is the same thing- change.  I remember when I first entered religious life I dreaded the idea of change, yet it is part of religious life and also part of being Dominican.  It is with this itinerant spirit that Dominic founded the order and was himself itinerant.

Over the years I still don’t like change much.  I like to be in control and for change to happen one has to let go of control, of the known and the unknowns.   I am still learning not to dread it as much.  In my eleven years with the Dominicans of Sinsinawa I have probably moved about six times already, and I am sure there is more to come.  One of the many things that have drawn me to this courageous group of women is our founder Samuel Mazzuchelli, who believed that if we are called we should set out to where the work is great and difficult to open a way for the Gospel.  Over the years I have come to realize that in order for this to happen I have to be willing to embrace change.

I am sensing another bout of change that may happen in my ministry.  I am trying to be open to the Holy Spirit.  I know from previous experiences that even though change is very difficult it brings with it many new beginnings and possibilities, once I am willing to let go.  Are you?

How are you towards change?   Is the Holy Spirit calling you to something new?

Lystra Long, OP
New Grant, Trinidad


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