My First Month

By Breath, By Blood, by Body, By Spirit, we are all one… these words by Sara Thomsen rang through my mind, body, and soul as I left the Sinsinawa Mound a month ago to the day. For me, being “sent out” on the feast of St. Dominic has connected me even more with the heritage of Dominican Life. My first month here is Whitefish Bay has been filled with contemplation and adventure. From evening prayer to fresh popcorn, I wake up each day with a sense of peace and happiness. Also, being a Dominican High school has helped me to recognize my own privilege of being able to journey with students who are still in search of who they are and how they can see God in all people. As Sara Thomsen sings, “The fire in my heart, my soul flame burning…” this also became real for me as I attended the Dominican Women Afire Conference in San Antonio two weeks ago. This conference broadened my perspective of what it means to be family, as each of our “soul flames” burned brightly together that weekend. My first month was amazing but I know that the journey has just begun for me, so I think of this ancient African Proverb, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” As we are all one.

Megan Graves

Whitefish Bay, WI


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