Novitiate - Part II

Ever have one of those…days, weeks, months...fill in the blank?  Speaking of blanks, my mind is just that.  Blank.  Nothing.  Nada.  What?  Well, just because a woman is in a religious order doesn’t mean she has it all together all of the time!  What have I been doing? How has life been going in Spokane in Novitiate Year Two? There’s too much to write about. Remember when as a kid you would take a stack of index cards, draw a different picture at the bottom of each, and then flip through them quickly … making the cards look like a moving picture?  Sure you do.  Well, here’s my Novitiate ~ Part II in a stack of cards with words; close your eyes and use your imagination.  On second thought, open them or you won’t be able to read this.

Spokane, laser tag (yep!), granola, sadness, gladness, community, St. Anne’s, working together, the Hearth, children, laughing, crying, homesick, praying, New Leaf, Gonzaga, Service Learning, praying, trying to pray, centering on God, missing God, Regional, Sisters, gathering, eating, discussing, sharing, making friends, UCC, Sociology of Religion, laughing, deep listening, Spokane River, biking, Spokane Falls, beauty, Ponderosa Pines, mountains, Americorps, farmers’ markets, craft circles, cooking, being taught, teaching, yearning, learning, communicating, failing to communicate, working together, homelessness, heartbreak, companioning, loneliness, Auntie’s, reading, deepening connections, making cookies, singing, missing, yearning, visioning the future, living in the moment, discerning, trying to pray, searching for God in the chaos, remembering, fuzziness, clarity, finding God in the chaos…in the quiet…in the in-between.

God is good and more important… God is always present … yes, even (and for me, most especially) in Novitiate ~ Part II!

Sr. Kathy Flynn
Spokane, WA


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