Monday, November 10, 2014

Ministry in Reverse - A Time for Receiving

Last week I fell sick and shortly after, so did the sister I live with.  All ministries for the week had to be cancelled.  Well, that never happened!  Ministry continued in reverse!  It was a time to receive. 

I received phone calls and emails; some visited bringing fruits; others brought medicine; some supplied soup, juices and coconut water; others came by to water the plants;  some offered to take us to the doctor while others provided home remedies; one wanted to bring over some paw paw leaves to make paw paw leaf tea!   Another was more specific suggesting a recipe - take the baby pawpaw leaves, crush and squeeze them to extract the juice, and have a tablespoon every 6 hours or so.  I did try the tea and I did eat some crushed pawpaw leaves.  Not bad actually!!!

As I write, the virus lingers and I am not still not 100% well but surrounded by such care, I am experiencing a strong sense of wellbeing!

Today I give God thanks for relationships nurtured through ministry.  

Gail Jagroop, OP

St. Joseph, Trinidad

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  1. Amazing how this works! Gail, so glad you are recovering and delighted you both were on the receiving end of ministry!


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