Advent Waiting

During these days, I find myself in the midst of Advent waiting -- waiting to hear good news, longing and hoping for good news.  Again, it seems all we hear and read are horrific stories of people’s inhumanity to other people.  I keep asking myself, “How can a person do that to another human being!”  How can a group of terrorists kill over 140 school children in Pakistan?  How can …?  (The list goes on and on.) How do those individuals live with themselves?

During a meal conversation with a sister friend, we spoke of so many sufferings we have witnessed over the past few months.  Our conclusions, if you can even call them that, were several.  Violence begets violence.  Someone in the cycle needs to stop and say no more -- no more violence, no more killing, no more hurting another.  Our faith tells us the deceased are with the living God.  Our hope leads us to believe those left behind mourning their loved ones will find comfort in one another and in our compassionate God who is ever loving and merciful.  It is only when each of us can see the face of God in each person we encounter that we will experience Emmanuel – God with us.  We wait, we pray, we hope, we long for good news, we look for the face of God in each other.

Are you also waiting, hoping, longing for Good News?

Anne Sur, OP

East Dubuque, IL


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