Our Mourning and Our Deep Gladness

Recently, our household, two sisters and two women, who hope to become associates,  circled together for a study session. Reading, " Being Dominican and Renewing the Face of the Earth" by our sister, Kaye Ash, started the conversation. A question from it stays with me: " Do our mourning and our deep gladness meet our world's deep hunger?"

So many things to mourn! What are you mourning?  Racism in the aftermath of Michael Brown?  Denial of climate change?  Indifference to mass incarceration? (those are some of mine).
What a gift to be able to share questions!
What a blessing to be able to set aside time to study!

No doubt each of us was born to study or else why would one of a child's first words be "why?" My questions become more complex and more necessary as I seek not only to know why but also to know how to make a difference.  Study helps me to see a pathway through my questions, and also to frame new ones.

Dominican women create community in which  we can share insights and encourage one another to ask questions that will help us go deeper.  Our study  can help us go further in creating a just world.
It is with deep gladness that I live in a house of STUDY.

What are your questions? Do you seek companions to share ideas and answers? You might find Dominicans and spend an hour, a day or a lifetime.

Joan Duerst, OP
Monona, WI


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