Beloved of God

One of my favorite ministries is being a catechist for the RCIA program in my parish.   

Yesterday we celebrated the feast of the baptism of Jesus, so naturally, part of our class last Friday was spent reflecting on this.  We focussed on how Jesus at his baptism was affirmed as the beloved of God in whom God's favor rested. They all expressed  a longing to be similarly affirmed at their baptism this coming Easter.  

As I reflect on my life I realize that I am my best self when I live from this truth about what baptism affirms - that I AM the beloved of God; that God's favor rests on ME!  I am able to risk for justice, to affirm others in their own beloved-ness, and to say yes to whatever God might ask of me.  In fact, the certainty of this is what grounds me as I strive to be faithful to the call to live the consecrated life as a religious sister.  

As I read the amazing stories filled with hope amidst terrible injustices, coming from our displaced sisters from Iraq, I can only guess that living with this certainty might also be the reason for their hope. 

What has been your experience of being the beloved of God on whom God's favor rests? 

Gail Jagroop, OP
St. Joseph, Trinidad


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