Unique Conversations

This year I have been part of a study circle with one of our new candidates.  Five Sisters join her in exploring topics related to our vowed Dominican life. We gather via skype from both within and beyond the US.

The six of us, while knowing each other in various ways, are getting to know each other through these unique conversations.  While the primary purpose is to study with the candidate, we really approach our times together for each other, careful to not make the newbie feel like there is a big spot light shining on her.  I am grateful for her freedom to explore the questions that arise for each of the topics as she engages not only us but many others who are touching this special year for her as she discerns religious life.

Being invited to participate in this study circle I know deepens my vowed life.  I trust that is true for each of us.  I also suspect that as we go into the future beyond this process, we will know we have knitted together deeper bonds with each other.

When the Sisters gather for our annual meeting next summer, I know I will be looking for these women in particular and with gratitude for our communal and unique conversations.

What unique conversations do you treasure?  Where have these conversations led you in your life?

Sr. Roberta A. Popara, O.P.

North Palm Beach,  FL


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