"Wake Up the World"

"Wake Up the World" challenges those of us who live the consecrated life. This is the theme of the Year of Consecrated Life celebrated in the United States. Both Kathy Flynn and Roberta Popara have mentioned this in their blogs.  The Church observes this year from November 30, 2014 through February 2, 2016 (not an ordinary year).

To what are we called to "wake up the world?" To injustices? To the beauty of our world? To the truth of the gospel? To the privilege and responsibility of every person to  make a difference for good?

To "wake up the world" implies that we need to be fully alive and alert. How do I awaken the world around me? I start where I am, with the gifts and experiences I have, and intentionally live what I profess. I am summoned to go beyond my 'comfort' zone. The way I live has the power to wake me up and others around me.

Fortunately, I am in community with many committed religious and together we can respond to this challenge. In 2014 some of our sisters went down to the border to help with the influx of immigrants. At this present time some of our Dominicans are in Iraq in support of our Dominican family there. We are able to "wake up the world" because of our bonds of support.  Together we can dare to do things that alone we may not.

What are you awake to at this time? How are you waking up others?

Mary T. Johnson, OP
Westchester, IL


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