When I think about where I was at this time last year, I'm amazed both by how my life has been transformed...and also by how familiar it feels.  Early last March, I was freshly recovered after a 4-day hospitalization and month long leave of absence from my job after getting hit by a car while riding my bike.  I was beginning the last month of a 7 year career as a disaster recovery consultant and everyone I knew was asking me if I was having second thoughts about "leaving my life behind to join the nuns."  I had some second thoughts, it's true--but since arriving at the Mound last summer I haven't once regretted my decision to become a Candidate with the Sinsinawa Dominicans.

Now I'm in Atlanta: living in community, reading the Old Testament, studying theology, deepening my prayer life, reconnecting with old friends, participating in Just Faith Ministries, and riding my bike all over the place!  On the one hand, the familiar, secure life that I'd established seems like a distant memory; on the other hand, I feel rooted and firmly engaged in living.  My life has not been left behind but rather pushed ahead and on a new trajectory.  Candidacy is a whole different ride, but my "mode" of transportation is familiar and secure--I just have to maintain balance and avoid those large, speeding metaphorical vehicles!

Do you feel engaged in the living of your life?  Why or why not?  
How are you feeling about the trajectory that you're following--does it need adjusting?

Quincy Howard, candidate

Atlanta, GA


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