Encountering God in the Consecrated Life

Recently I was asked to share with a group of people on the topic: "Encountering God in the Consecrated Life."  I do, most certainly as I follow the Dominican ideals of prayer, study, community and ministry.  

But I have encountered God in the most humbling of ways over the past weeks:

In a young woman with Lupus in the RCIA class still questioning God: "Why me?" But at the same time recognizing that her illness has brought her closer to God.
In a medical doctor recently diagnosed with MS, coming to terms with her illness and realizing that she is more understanding now toward her patients.
In a mother and son who give of their time once a week to tend the garden.
In the sister I live with who puts up with my quirks.
In a father and his two sons who gave so generously of their time and expertise to build a Marian grotto at Dominican Wellspring. 
Even in the kids from a school opposite who call me Granny! They challenge me to forgive seven times seventy times! 

And my list can go on but I pause now to ask you: 
Where, when, how, and in whom have you encountered God? 

Gail Jagroop, OP

St. Joseph, Trinidad


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