10 “Aha” Moments in Religious life

I recently read an article by a young sister called “10 Things You Gain By Entering Religious Life.”  I have been reflecting on this and I have come up with a different list.  I have listed 10 ‘Aha’ moments in Religious Life.  These are some significant things over the course of my 8 years in the congregation. These are not in any specific order. This was not an easy list to make because there have been so many surprises.

1.     God as my beloved.  Not like a spouse nor a parent.
2.     Experience of communal centering prayer.
3.     Living in community is hard and a gift.
4.     Introduction to theology class
5.     Love my OP Sisters 
6.     Realized I have been a Dominican all my life
7.     Internovitiate Crowd in St. Louis
8.     Giving Voice – Young Sisters
9.     Professing my Vows
10. Freedom to love  

Religious life has been and will continue to be an adventure. I give God thanks to have been called to be able to serve the People of God and to do this with my OP Sisters.

Priscilla Torres, OP

Jacksonville, FL  


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