Kaleidoscope Community

Last week at meeting at Sinsinawa, our sister artist, Joeann Daley brought a kaleidoscope. Besides the fun we had passing the kaleidoscope around the circle, that kaleidoscope became a symbol of the group working together. As children most of us have played with a kaleidoscope that encloses colorful pieces which get reflected by three mirrors to give astonishing patterns.  This particular kaleidoscope, however, used only the colors it captured in the room. .  So as we looked through the kaleidoscope we were seeing beautiful patterned reflections of the people in the circle.

How many times have I sat in a community circle?  Do I come there just to speak what I know or do I also try to listen deeply to each one?  In community we make new patterns as we reflect each others' thoughts back and forth and around the circle.  Thus our spirituality grows through community.

Dominicans are called to practice community.  Community is much more than sharing living space. It is experiencing reflections of the truth that is in each one.

What new patterns are possible as we listen carefully to one another?  With whom are we being called to share community?

Joan Duerst, OP

Monona, WI


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