Living the Easter Season

One of the challenges of our American culture is sustaining attention to what is slow moving or thinking something is over when it has only begun.  The Easter Season is one of those times in our liturgical church calendar that is hardly noticed by most of us.

There is Easter Sunday – with all the trimmings – whatever that may mean for parish communities, families, vowed religious, etc.  But once the sun sets on that Sunday, am I – are we – noticing the season we are in?

It is during the Easter Season we hear readings from the Acts of the Apostles – considered part 2 of St Luke’s writings.  I appreciate this New Testament book because it is the story of us – of our beginning as church. Even so, I need more than this one book of scripture to keep me focused and all the unfolding of this season. 

In some of the eastern Christian churches people greet one another with this exchange:  “Christ is Risen” with the response: “He is Risen indeed.”  While that may not find acceptance in our public arenas,  including these words in my prayer as a mantra just may help me keep the Easter joy alive.

What would help you remember that Easter is longer than one day?  That it extends all the way to Pentecost? 

Roberta Popara, OP

North Palm Beach FL


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