Between a Promise & a Gift

I am writing this blog between the Solemnities of Ascension & Pentecost – between a promise and a gift.  At Christ’s Ascension, he promises us the Paraclete, the Holy Spirit, will come to us.  At Pentecost, the Holy Spirit unleashes abundant gifts.

Actually, these Solemnities remind us of this ongoing divine work of promise and gift of each day and in each breath.  We are always moving between the promise and the gift of God’s grace, the deeper DNA of the cosmic life force.  I am constantly reminded of these twin movements as I live my days of community, ministry, prayer, relationships, and, yes, the Dominican way of study.

For the past nine months, with a few other sisters, I have accompanied one of our candidates as she joined us to study Dominican life.  In our mutual commitment to be present to each other, we were living out God’s work of promise and gift.  And we have had fun in the process. 

In what ways have you experienced God’s promise? What gifts have surprised you along the way? Has it been hard, fun or…?

Roberta Popara, O.P.

North Palm Beach FL


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