In a recent blog, Christin Tomy asked,” How has Providence pulled through for you?” And so here is my answer.

My 5th and 6th grade teacher, Loretta Dornisch OP died recently.   She is the one who helped me to see that God was calling me to be a Dominican.  This was one funeral I would not miss.
When I went to take my place in the gathering space at the Mound for the funeral, I looked up and saw someone who has created conflict in a group that is very dear to me.  I practically ran to greet him. “Welcome to my house,” I said.” How did you know Loretta?”  “She is the one who helped me to see that God was calling me to be a minister.  I could not miss this funeral.” WOW!  Coincidence?

I had wanted to share my concerns about our organization with him.   Providence can provide.  Since this was his first time at the Mound I offered to show him the chapel.  We had space and time to talk.  Providence did provide.  There are still reconciling steps needed for our organization.  Providence will provide.  I’m sure Loretta is smiling at us too, and interceding with the all provident God on our behalf.

Joan Duerst, OP

Monona, WI


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