Amazing Grace

Driving back to Wisconsin from Spokane, alone but not lonely, became a pilgrimage of sorts for me.  My appreciation deepened for the diversity of Mother Earth, her majestic mountains, rolling hills, bounding and ambling animals, beautiful sunsets.  It was a graced time of reflection, decompression and the processing of time spent with so many really good women and men.  The entire trip became a rolling retreat, an asphalt prayer, a honing of an awareness of the grace that is my life.  I noticed so many things, including this prayer, which I found in the back of a One Year Bible at a Benedictine monastery in South Dakota.  I have no idea why I turned to that otherwise blank page where, in penciled cursive, was written:

“Dear Lord, let me be as disturbed about this situation (or person) as you are. No more, no less.  If you are angry, let me be angry, too.  But if you are not disturbed, let me share your Peace.” ~ Fr. Greene

I don’t know who Fr. Greene is, but I’m convinced the Spirit led me to him.  I’m glad I was open to noticing this prayer and so many other amazing graces.

How has sitting up to take notice opened your world?

Sr. Kathy Flynn
Sinsinawa, WI



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