Connections for Justice

An email picture -- associates and me at a conference-- reminded me of an article sent by Sinsinawa's Relation For Mission team --"Concentration on Connections Will Keep Religious Life Alive."

I am connected to Faith Communities of Madison through an organization called MOSES (Madison Organizing in Strength Equality and Solidarity.)    I am the leader of its religious leader caucus.  I bring the clergy and other spiritual leaders of our 20 some organizations together to strengthen the spiritual bonds of individual communities that are helping bring an end to mass incarceration.

In order to build relationships with the leaders and people of the various faith communities, I take time each week to attend special events and/or Sunday services with Lutheran, African Methodist Episcopal, Baptist, Congregational, Unitarian, Unity or Friends communities. Last Saturday I joined James Reeb Unitarian community  as they ordained their new minister.  I never imagined these connections when I became a Sister. They bless me.  Sharing that I am a Dominican Sister seems to bless them as well.

The picture was taken at a day of advocacy as my friends Karen and Jerry (Lutherans) and I await a visit from our state senator with whom we shared our concerns about the state prisoners.  Connecting with others expands my ability to preach the social justice Gospel.

What connections do you see for religious life?  How do you connect?

Joan Duerst OP

Monona WI


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