Dominican Vision

Today I was taught that what I see depends on where I look.   It started with a loud knock on the Food Pantry’s big doors.  She obviously needed food.  I could tell that right away.  But, she did not ask for anything.  She just came in and went to the bin where we keep fresh flowers for folks to take home.  She thought no one was watching her.  She took a bundle of flowers and with great reverence set them before the statute of the Blessed Mother.  In quiet adoration, this frail, old woman prayed in silence, and then soon left.  

As Dominicans, we are called to notice those on the periphery.  We must pay attention to those who are serving us, growing our food, cleaning our streets, or picking up our garbage?  We must struggle to really understand the conflicts of those on the fringes.  

What I see all depends on where I look.  What have you seen lately?  And, what have you missed seeing lately?

Peggy Ryan, OP

Waukegan, IL


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