Dominican Grace

Have you ever gotten through something difficult and wondered afterward, “How did I ever make it through that?”  Have you ever mustered up an incredible amount of strength, courage, trust, and gratefulness and then wondered, “Where did those inner gifts came from?”  I believe with all my heart that this is the definition of grace. 

 I recently went through an operation for a cervical disc problem.  I was in the process of finishing a five-year study program, had recently begun a new ministry, and on top of it all, just moved to a new city.  Timing for illness is never good, but this was over the top horrible.  I had to just let go, rely upon those around me for help and care, and trust in a brand new set of medical personnel.  God’s grace got me through it all.

Grace comes to us in so many ways.  To just give you one example – a family member, with health issues of her own, spent the whole day of surgery with me in the hospital.  The next day she texted me to say that it was such a privilege to be with me.  That was God reaching out and touching me.   As Dominican women, we need to tell the world where we find grace and bring others with us to experience this tangible sense of God’s presence.

And you, where and how has God’s grace come to you? 

Peggy Ryan, OP

Recuperating in Waukegan, IL


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