Fly By

"Ok, I'm old."  That is what I say to the confirmation students during their retreat day prior to receiving the sacrament.  Then I tell them a couple of stories from my 'distant' past.

I begin this blog entry with that thought because this past week something happened that took me to a similar memory. In the late 60's, I stay up all night riveted to the TV with my workbook from a geology class I had taken because WE were landing on the moon. Perhaps I would not have consciously thought of the two astronauts as representing the whole of humanity but looking back I do. 

What happened this past week?  WE flew past Pluto.  Ok, a stellar probe flew past, but humanity has a marked moment with this event.

What about the holy 'fly bys' that are happening in us and among us and around us. When someone or a group does something that is remarkable.

Recently I heard about a group making a contemplative retreat who were sent throughout New York City and for one hour sat in silence praying for the city.  Did anything happen?  Later that day it was reported that for some 'unknown' reason, at that particular hour, there were no calls to police stations in the city. Unheard of - it was said.

For 800 years, Dominicans have contemplated and shared the fruits of this in our lives and mission, over time as well as globally and locally.  Our 'fly bys' are not passing interests, but rooted in the Holy Preaching, the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Does this intrigue you? Join us on this interstellar mission!

Roberta A Popara, OP
North Palm Beach FL


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