Why are you reading this?  Perhaps our Sisters, whom you love, taught you in grammar school? Or you’re feeling a pull to religious life and are checking things out?  Or maybe you’re just curious?  Whatever the reason, you’re always welcome here!

Truthfully, my mind was blank for this month’s offering.  I’m preparing for First Vows in less than a month and have been preoccupied with that and what comes next.  However, Pope Francis’s recent environmental encyclical, Laudato Si, led me to settle on our bees.

Did you know that the Sinsinawa Dominicans kept bees as early as 1896, and possibly even earlier?  Or that beekeeping was reintroduced to the Mound a couple of years ago?  “Why”, you ask?  Bee-sides (sorry) being incredible architects and engineers, bees are responsible for pollinating over 80% of the food we eat.  Bees are dependent on plant pollen for food; plants are dependent upon bees for reproduction.  Quite a symbiotic relationship, introduced by the hand of God!  Reintroducing bees to the Mound assures a bounty of flowers, woodland plants, vegetables and fruits and offers educational opportunities for our Sisters, brother priests, Academy apartment residents, and the broader Grant County community. 

Bee-yond that, bees are models of community living, (although the drones who mate and die might disagree!)

Bee lesson #1 in a nutshell.  Or beehive.

Sr. Kathy Flynn

Sinsinawa, WI


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